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[image] red arrow graphicThe Donnelly Homestead Tour ... Step over the threshold of time and let Robert Salts, the current owner of the Donnelly Homestead, take you on a tour of the past. See the site where the Donnellys lived and died, and relive a moment in Canada's illustrious history. It's a tour worth taking, and one that you will never forget.
[image] red arrow graphicLucan Area Heritage & Donnelly Museum ... Official web site of the Lucan Area Heritage that's dedicated to preserving and promoting the heritage of Lucan and the area. Operates a museum and a reconstructed log cabin.
[image] red arrow graphicThe Black Donnellys: Canada's Tragic Roustabouts ... A well-written, well-researched history of the Donnellys by Joseph Geringer, a history enthusiast and writer from Chicago.
[image] red arrow graphicThe Black Donnellys ... Peter McKeown's web site - author of A Donnelly Treatise - After The Massacre. Visit his web site for details on ordering a copy.
[image] red arrow graphicFind A Grave ... A resource for finding the final resting places of notable people. This page includes the graves of the Donnelly family.
[image] red arrow graphicPatti Miller, Donnelly Author ... Author of End of the Roman Line. Published in newspaper tabloid format, the novel explores the story of the infamous Donnelly family of Biddulph Township from the perspective of Johannah Donnelly. Visit her web site for details on ordering a copy.
[image] red arrow graphicMysteries of Canada ... This unique and interesting web site offers intriguing stories about Canada's mysteries, myths, and legends. Includes a story about the Donnellys.
[image] red arrow graphicDonnellys in Ontario, Canada ... Ontario Donnellys Research Site.
[image] red arrow graphicDonnelly Family Genealogy Forum ... This is a message board for people looking up their Donnelly roots.

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