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[image] Lucan: Home of the Donnelly - book cover LUCAN: 
Home of the Donnellys

By: Terry Culbert

[image] book graphicPaperback - 192 pages
Publisher: General Store Publishing House:
ISBN: 1897113315
Second Printing


Mr. Culbert, a lifelong supporter and promoter of the village of Lucan, is donating a portion of the proceeds of each book sold to the Lucan Area Heritage Donnelly Museum.

Terry Culbert's love of his Irish roots spawned this unusual look at the Irish-Canadian village where he grew up. Lucan, a half-hour north of London, Ontario, suffered a violent beginning with the massacre of five Donnelly family members in 1880. Those brutal slayings went unpunished.

The first third of Culbert's book is Donnelly related, with many stories never published before. The retired television news journalist, photographer, and artist has filled his book with dozens of illustrations and photographs.

The compilation of short stories not only includes the Donnellys, but village commerce, village life, sports, and music from past to present. Many of Culbert's stories focus on interesting characters and events that have contributed to Lucan's rich history. Two and a half years in the making, Lucan: Home of the Donnellys is an engaging collection of Canadiana.

Order from Amazon.com... Click Here!

Order directly from General Store Publishing House...  Click Here

 Visit author's web site at: http://www.terryculbert.ca
Contact Terry Culbert:
E-mail: bt.culbert@sympatico.ca
Address: Amherst Island,
8750 Second Concession Road,
RR#1 Stella, Ontario, K0H 2S0

[image] The Black Donnellys - book coverThe Black Donnellys
The Outrageous Tale of 
Canada's Deadliest Feud
Part of the Amazing Stories series.
By: Nate Hendley
[image] book graphicPaperback - 120 pages
Publisher: Altitude Publishing Canada: 
(October 1, 2004)
ISBN: 1551539438

The Black Donnellys:The Outrageous Tale of Canada's Deadliest Feud, by Nate Hendley, a Toronto-based freelance journalist, was published by Altitude Publishing, Alberta, in the Spring of 2004. The book looks at the notorious Donnelly family of Lucan, Ontario. After fleeing poverty-wracked Ireland in the 1840s, the Donnellys established themselves on stolen land in southern Ontario. The seven Donnelly boys and their father soon acquired a reputation for violence and mayhem, burning down barns and assaulting townspeople. The family seemed unstoppable, until a vigilante group decided to seek a permanent solution to their reign of terror.   
Order from Amazon.com... Click Here!

You can also order a copy from the author's web site at: http://www.natehendley.com

[image] The Donnelly Treatise - book coverA DONNELLY TREATISE
After The Massacre
By: Peter McKeown

[image] book graphicPrint Format - 206 pages
Self-published February 2004

Price: $25.00 Canadian
Price includes S&H

Book Description:
A non-fiction historical account that follows the lives of the surviving members of the Donnelly family after the massacre through the years from 1880 to 1900 on. Read the actual testimonies that were recorded at the Coroner's Inquest and the murder trials. Find out what became of each Donnelly, who they married, how many children they had, what businesses they went into, other troubles that befell the family, and how, when, and where they died!

To order, please e-mail Peter McKeown at: 

Visit author's web site at: http://www3.sympatico.ca/pmckeown

NOW AVAILABLE as a KINDLE eBook at Amazon.com

[image] In Search Of The Donnellys - book cover
In Search of The Donnellys
2nd Revised Edition
By: Ray Fazakas (Author of The Donnelly  Album) 
[image] book graphic(Soft Cover) 300 pages
Publisher: Trafford Publishing - 2nd Revised edition
(February 6, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1466912995
ISBN-13: 978-1466912991

Based on a lifetime of research, this follow-up to The Donnelly Album contains much new material, previously unpublished photographs of the Donnellys, their families, associates and enemies and many fresh insights. 

In Search of the Donnellys does not retell the Donnelly story, but approaches it from a different angle: it recounts the author's own personal adventures in searching for the information from the beginning to the present. While Fazakas stands by the original telling, the book fills in some gaps, expands some areas and further accounts for some of the controversy which continues to surround this fascinating bit of North American folk history with Irish roots.

This companion to The Donnelly Album fills in further gaps including the subsequent lives and fates of characters in the story such as Maggie Thompson, Sam Everett, the Keefes and the O'Connors as well as members of the infamous Peace Society. There are some surprising discoveries made since the publication of the first edition. The latter include the finding in Ireland of the brother of the niece Bridget, the discovery of a second Flanigan's Corners in Texas, the unexpected revelation that the Donnellys had a Protestant background after all and much more. Illustrated with numerous photos that include new previously unpublished pictures, this revised edition is selling quickly, so order your copy today!

[image] You Are Never Alone - book cover
You Are Never Alone
Our Life On The Donnelly Homestead
By: J. Robert Salts

[image] book graphic(Soft Cover) 92 pages
Self-published 1997

 J. Robert Salts, author and owner of the Donnelly Homestead, reveals what life is like on the famous property. Well-written with wonderful photographs, Salts also talks about ghosts and hauntings, a subject every Donnelly enthusiast is fascinated with.

Autographed copies are available for $20.00 (Canadian) each at the Donnelly Homestead, or by mail.
If ordering by mail
, please add $6.00 Shipping & Handling... ($26.00 CAN. total).

 To order, please contact Robert Salts:
1 (519) 227-1244
Cheque or money order ONLY please.


These popular Donnelly books are available on amazon.com

Check out the Donnelly Bookshelf for more 
information about these books
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[image] Steve Earle album cover
Steve Earle

The Hard Way

Audio CD (Feb. 6, 1996)
Original Release Date: 1990
Label: Mca Import
ASIN: B000006YE9 

Includes the famous song: Justice In Ontario

[image] StompinTom - CD cover
Stompin' Tom 

Sings Canadian History  

Audio CD (Sept. 25, 2001)
Original Release Date: Nov. 6, 2001
Label: Emi Int'l

Album Details:
Canada's highly awarded, patriotic entertainer brings us this unique 23 song retrospective dealing with the people and places 
of the rich history of Canada. Donnelly enthusiasts will especially enjoy two songs about the Donnellys: Black Donnelly's Massacre and Jenny Donnelly.... a must-have for every CD collection.

Legend of the Black Donnellys


Hector Macisaac

Audio CD (April 7, 2009)

Label: CD Baby

Album Details:
One of Canadas most famous stories of treachery and murder, is put to music by Nova Scotia singer/songwriter Hector MacIsaac. An infamous moment in Canadian history set to music in this portrayal of the famous 'Black Donnellys' massacre of the late 1800's - Genuine Folk music, in the storytelling tradition. great songs ... great back up band.

DONNELLY Docudrama!

[image] Tragedy - VHS video cover
The Story of the Donnellys --
Canada's Most Fascinating Legend
DVD 60.00 minutes
Price: $20.00
$22.00 (Canadian) if ordered by mail. 

This video docudrama is based on the true story of the brutal murders of James Donnelly and family members near Lucan, Ontario, Feb. 4, 1880. Introduction by Ray Fazakas, author of  'The Donnelly Album'. Robert Salts, owner of the Donnelly Homestead shows the site where the massacre took place... Plus More!

To order, please contact Robert Salts:
1 (519) 227-1244
Cheque or money order ONLY please.

A&E Home Video
[image] A&E Home Video graphic
More Haunted Houses: 

Tortured Souls & Restless Spirits

[image] VHS graphic100.00 minutes - 
1 Volume Set

Product Details:
Format: Color VHS
Studio: A & E Home Video
Video Release Date: August 17, 2001
ASIN: 0767017447
Price: $28.45

Video Details:
MORE HAUNTED HOUSES visits five homes where the past impresses itself on the present. At each one, psychics, scholars and descendants of the people involved, help tell fascinating stories from beyond the grave. One such story takes place at the Donnelly farm near Lucan, Ontario, where a family of immigrants were massacred in 1880. The descendants of the vigilantes who killed them are still haunted by the long ago crime.

You don't have to believe in ghosts to be enchanted by the spooky stories of MORE HAUNTED HOUSES.

Order This Fascinating Video Today! 
For more info about this video... 
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 Donnelly Docudrama
[image] Donnelly DVD cover
  The Strange Story of the Donnellys
'The Strange Story of the Donnellys' pulls this incredible tale from the pages of 'The Donnelly Album', and sets it to the screen. The treasure of photographs and documents from the Ray Fazakas Collection, is combined with dramatic re-creations, original artwork and more, to inform and entertain. Included are interview clips with descendants from both sides of the conflict, as well as with James Reaney and Orlo Miller (the latter seen here in his last on-camera appearance). Canadian actor Jeremy Ratchford performs the narration.

DVD approx. 38.00 minutes
Price: $20.00

Producer/Director/Videographer - Tom Barton.

Available for purchase at the Lucan Area Heritage and Donnelly Museum
or by contacting the producer at tbarton@nor-del.com

View the Docudrama Trailer on YouTube

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