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The following photographs are of the Donnelly
family and
the homestead.

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The Original Donnelly Tombstone
[image] The Original Donnelly Tombstone -- Courtesy of The London Free Press
Original Donnelly Tombstone (London Free Press)
 Erected in 1889 by William Donnelly, the original Donnelly tombstone
stood in St. Patrick's Cemetery for 75 years. It was removed in 1964.
Special thanks to Paul Boyd.

The Donnelly Family
 [image] James Donnelly Jr.
James Donnelly, Jr. (Robert Salts' Collection)
There is speculation that this photo of the oldest Donnelly son is not authentic.
However, if you compare the facial features of each brother, particularly the mouth
and the chin, there are similarities. James Jr. was born Dec. 8, 1841, and died
May 15, 1877. He was 35 years old.

[image] William Donnelly -- Ray Fazakas' Collection
William Donnelly (Ray Fazakas' Collection)
By permission Ray Fazakas - Author of 'The Donnelly Ablum'.
William Donnelly, born in 1844, was nicknamed "Clubfoot Will" because he
had a club foot. Considered the smartest of the Donnelly brothers, he died
Mar. 7, 1897, and is buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Roman Line.
 [image] Michael Donnelly
Michael Donnelly (Robert Salts' Collection)
Michael Donnelly with one of his children. He was born in Sept. 1850, and
died tragically after being stabbed during a fight in a hotel on Dec. 9, 1879.
He was only 29 years old.

 [image] Robert Donnelly
Robert Donnelly (Donna Jones' Collection)
The photograph of Robert (Bob) Donnelly was taken around 1885.
He was born on Nov. 9, 1852 and died June 14, 1911.

[image] Robert and Tom Donnelly -- Ray Fazakas' Collection
Robert & Thomas Donnelly (Ray Fazakas' Collection)
By permission Ray Fazakas - Author of 'The Donnelly Ablum'.
The photo of Rob and Tom Donnelly was taken in 1877. Tom was born
Aug. 30, 1854, and died tragically in the Biddulph Massacre that also
took the lives of his mother, father, brother John, and cousin Bridget,
Feb. 4, 1880. He is buried with them in St. Patrick's Cemetery.

    [image] Jenny Donnelly closeup
Jenny (Jane) Donnelly (Robert Salts' Collection) Used with permission.
Jenny (Jane) Donnelly was the youngest child, and the only daughter of
James & Johannah. She was 17 years old when this photo was taken.
Born in Oct. 1856, she had 12 children, and died on Sept. 3, 1917.

The Donnelly Homestead
 [image] Donnelly Homestead around 1901
                                                                                           Donna Jones' Collection
This is a photo of Robert Donnelly (left) and his nephew, James Michael Donnelly, taken around 1901.
The house was built in May 1881 by William Donnelly. The original house, that burned down February 4, 1880,
stood to the right of this house. If you compare photos with the modern day photo of the homestead below,
you will see the original structure nestled between the two additions that were added in 1971.

[image] Donnelly Homestead -- Robert Salts' Collection
                                                                     Robert Salts' Collection
Donnelly Homestead house as it looks today.
Note the front and back additions that were added around 1971.
[image] Donnelly Homestead -- Robert Salts' Collection
                                                                     Robert Salts' Collection
This is the spot where the original Donnelly house stood. Note the two trees in
the foreground with the stones at their base. These fieldstones were placed there
in 1870 to support the small log house. The front door would have been just between
those two trees. William Donnelly planted the trees in memory of his slain family --
one for each member, but only the two shown in the above photo survived.

Miscellaneous Donnelly Photos

[image] Slaght's Hotel_Waterford, Ontario 
                                                                                                               Photo Courtesy: Chris Coates

This is an old photograph of Waterford, Ontario, the town where Michael Donnelly was killed. He was stabbed
to death during a fight in Slaght's Hotel on Dec. 9, 1879. The date of this picture is unknown, but it shows the
main street of Waterford facing south, and the hotel situated on the west side of the road -- behind the white
building in the foreground. Slaght's Hotel was later called Teeter's Hotel.
Thanks to Chris Coates of Beachville, Ontario for sharing this photograph with us.

[image] Original Donnelly Tombstone 1964
                                         Photo Courtesy: Jim Sherrell
Jim Sherrell was five years old in 1964 when this picture was
taken. It shows the original tombstone that was erected on
this spot in 1889 by William Donnelly.

[image] Donnelly Homestead in 1968
Photo Courtesy: Paul E. Hansen
These never before published pictures of the Donnelly Homestead and the Donnelly Schoolhouse
were taken in 1968 by Paul E. Hansen. At the time, the homestead was abandoned...
overgrown with weeds and left to the hands of time.

Donnelly Homestead in 1968
                                                                                        Photo Courtesy: Paul E. Hansen
A close-up view of the Donnelly house that was built in 1881 by William Donnelly. If you compare
modern photos of this house, you can see the front and back additions that were added around
1971. This picture was taken in the Spring of 1968.

[image] Donnelly Schoolhouse in 1968
                                                                                          Photo Courtesy: Paul E. Hansen
The Donnelly Schoolhouse was built in 1878 after the first log school burned down. It stood on this
property until it was torn down in 1972. All that remains today is a cement foundation buried
beneath a tangled mass of weeds and vegetation. This photo was taken in 1968. Note the
Donnelly barn in the background.

This document is a copy of James and Johannah Donnelly's marriage certificate.

[image] Copy of James and Johannah Donnelly's marriage certificate

More photos will be added as they become available.

If you have any old photos of the Donnelly family, homestead, or gravesite that
like to share with us, send them along in .jpg format. Please include your
name and town/city, so proper credit can be given. All photos on this web site
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to Robert Salts, owner of the Donnelly Homestead,
for allowing his photographs to be posted on this web site. Also, thanks to Donna Jones
for her invaluable help with historical dates, and for her permission to use the photos &
documents posted on this web site. And thanks to Ray Fazakas, author of "The Donnelly
Album", for permission to post his photos on this web site.

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