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[image] The Black Donnellys 1974 Cover[image] Black Donnellys book cover[image] The Black Donnellys book cover

The Black Donnellys
The true story of Canada's most barbaric feud
By: Thomas P. Kelley
Originally published by: Harlequin Books Ltd., Winnipeg, Canada. April 1954
Reprint Paperback Edition (March 1994)
Firefly Books; ISBN: 1895565243

Book Description:
How could one family terrorize an entire Canadian community for 33 years? The Black Donnellys is the classic account of how James, Johannah and their sons used brute force to brawl, steal, burn, and murder their way into the dark side of Canadian history. A popular bestseller since 1954, this gripping book covers the family’s horrific crimes in unflinching detail through to their decimation at the hands of a murderous vigilante mob.

[image] review graphicThis is the first book that was ever published about the Donnelly massacre, and the most famous. It has been reprinted about 30 times to date, and has been considered by many, not historically accurate. There are many mistakes in the story that have left many readers believing some facts that never actually happened. The book is entertaining to read, however, and since it is THE book that originally brought the whole Donnelly story to light, everyone should have at least one copy in their collection.

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[image] Vengeance Of The Black Donnellys book cover[image] Vengeance Of The Black Donnellys book cover

Vengeance of the Black Donnellys
Canada's most feared family strikes back from the grave
By: Thomas P. Kelley
Originally published by: Harlequin Books, Ltd., Winnipeg, Canada. November 1962
Reprint Paperback Edition (June 1995)
Firefly Books: ISBN: 1895565553

Book Description:
The Vengeance of the Black Donnellys is a fictionalized tale that picks up where The Black Donnellys left off -- at the grim scene of their grave. What ever happened to the members of the mob that clubbed, stabbed, shot, and burned the two Donnelly parents, two of their sons, and a visiting niece? Why was no one ever convicted of their brutal murders? Who was the mysterious mastermind behind the mob? What happened to the surviving Donnellys?
Find out the answers to these and other (some still unanswered) questions in this spellbinding sequel to The Black Donnellys.

[image] review graphicThis second book by Kelly is a fiction piece woven around the supposed story of Johannah Donnelly's curse that she uttered with her dying breath: every one of her killers would suffer a violent death. This book is a great read, well written, and definitely a book you won't be able to put down.

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[image] The Donnellys Must Die book cover[image] Editor's Choice graphic
The Donnellys Must Die
The true story of the brutal murders of James Donnelly
and his family near Lucan, Ontario in 1879-80
By: Orlo Miller

Originally published by: Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, Canada, 1962.
Reprint Paperback Edition (1995)
Stoddart Publishing Co. Ltd. ISBN: 0771592655

[image] review graphicOrlo Miller's book is considered by many to be a very accurate book that is well written. It is filled with a lot of historical information, although some of it does not coincide with the historical facts of other Donnelly books. But it is a good book, nevertheless, and one that every Donnelly fan should own.

NOTE: This title is currently out of print.
However, you can order a used copy.

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[image] Death To The Donnellys 1979 Cover
Death To The Donnellys: A Novel
By: Orlo Miller

Originally published in 1975, and again in 1979 by Signet, Toronto This title is out of print, but you might find it in a used book store.

No information available on this book.

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[image] The Donnellys' cover (Newer Version)
Canadian Classics Series
The Donnellys
Sticks and Stones
St. Nicholas Hotel
By: James Reaney

Paperback Reprint Edition
Published Dec.1983 by: Beach Holme Pub Ltd.
ISBN: 0888781172

[image] review graphicJames Reaney's plays have enjoyed much success among school children and theatrical groups who have staged his plays. This work is a true piece of Canadian literature.

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The Donnelly Murders
The Donnellys suffered every outrage.
And they fought back like devils.
By: William Crichton
Originally published by: PaperJacks Ltd., Markham, Canada.
May 1977
ISBN: 0770100074

[image] review graphicCrichton's book is about the sequence of events that led to the Donnelly massacre. The book is a little dramatic and it reads more like a Hollywood movie than a novel. If the Donnelly massacre wasn't a true event, then this book would be a great fiction piece, ideal for the big screen. But because the massacre is real, some of the scenes within the book are a little far fetched. However, for its entertainment value, it is a book worth having on your Donnelly bookshelf.

NOTE: This title is currently not available and difficult to find.

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[image] The Donnelly Album book cover[image] Editor's Choice graphic
The Donnelly Album
The Complete and Authentic Account Illustrated With 
Photographs Of Canada's Famous Feuding Family.
By: Ray Fazakas

Originally published by: Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, Canada, 1977.
Revised Paperback Edition (September 1995)
Firefly Books ISBN: 1895565618

[image] review graphicNo Donnelly bookshelf is complete without this exceptionally well-researched book. Considered by many to be the most historically accurate book available to date. Filled with excellent quality photographs, maps and illustrations, the book is very entertaining to browse through. If you want the real, true story of the Donnellys, this book is a must-read. And, if you're a true Donnelly enthusiast, you will definitely want to add this one to your list.

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[image] The Donnelly Tragedy booklet cover
The Donnelly Tragedy
1880 - 1980

Booklet commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Donnelly massacre.
Originally published by: Phelps Publishing Co., London, Canada, 1980.

[image] review graphicWhether or not this booklet is still available to the public, it's unknown. The booklet is filled with original newspaper articles that were published in 'The London Free Press' and 'The London Advertiser' following the Donnelly massacre. The newspaper clippings give the reader a real sense of being there, and 'seeing' history through the eyes of the reporters who witnessed it first hand.

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[image] You Are Never Alone book cover[image] Editor's Choice graphic
You Are Never Alone
Our Life On The Donnelly Homestead
By: J. Robert Salts

Softcover - 92 Pages
Self-published 1997

[image] review graphicThis book is a refreshing change from all the other Donnelly books that have been written. It is not just another regurgitated Donnelly history book, but rather, a book that looks into the life of the author and current owner of the Donnelly Homestead, Robert Salts. Through entertaining stories, he reveals what life is like on the famous property, and he talks about ghosts and hauntings; a subject that every Donnelly fan is fascinated with. The book is well written with wonderful photographs. Those interested in the Donnellys will find this book very entertaining, and a great read.

Autographed copies are available at the Donnelly Homestead for $20.00 (CAN.) each.
If ordering by mail, please add $6.00 Shipping & Handling... ($26.00 CAN. total).

[image] red arrow graphicTo order, please contact Robert Salts:
1 (519) 227-1244
Cheque or money order ONLY please.
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[image] This Side Of Heaven book cover

This Side of Heaven
Determining the Donnelly Murders, 1880
By: Norman N. Feltes

Hardcover - 248 Pages
Published in 1999 - University Of Toronto Press
ISBN 0802044867

[image] review graphicThrough an examination of economic, social and geographical structures, this book shows how large forces caused the infamous Donnelly family murders in 1880. Norman N. Feltes argues that factors in Biddulph Township during the late 19th century may have been the motivation behind the ‘Vigilance Society’ brutally bludgeoning the Donnelly family.

"This Side of Heaven" asserts the way the region was surveyed and settled, competition with the US, a distinctive wheat trade and patriarchal gender relations impacted the socio-historical site of the murders and the trial at which the vigilantes were acquitted.

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[image] In Search Of The Donnellys book cover
In Search Of The Donnellys
Revised Edition
By: Ray Fazakas (Author of The Donnelly Album)
(Soft Cover) 306 pages
Trafford Publishing 2007
ISBN 1425107516

Based on a lifetime of research, this follow-up to The Donnelly Album contains much new material, previously unpublished photographs of the Donnellys, their families, associates and enemies and many fresh insights.

In Search of the Donnellys does not retell the Donnelly story, but approaches it from a different angle: it recounts the author's own personal adventures in searching for the information from the beginning to the present. While Fazakas stands by the original telling, the book fills in some gaps, expands some areas and further accounts for some of the controversy which continues to surround this fascinating bit of North American folk history with Irish roots.

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[image] The Black Donnellys book cover
The Black Donnellys
The Outrageous Tale of Canada's Deadliest Feud
Part of the Amazing Stories series
By: Nate Hendley

Paperback 120 pages
Publisher: Altitude Publishing Canada: (April 2004)
ISBN: 1551539438

The book looks at the notorious Donnelly family of Lucan, Ontario. After fleeing poverty-wracked Ireland in the 1840s, the Donnellys established themselves on stolen land in southern Ontario. The seven Donnelly boys and their father soon acquired a reputation for violence and mayhem, burning down barns and assaulting townspeople. The family seemed unstoppable, until a vigilante group decided to seek a permanent solution to their reign of terror.

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